Live Entertainment playing Springsteen, Beatles, Stones, Van Morrison, Pearl Jam, REM and on and on and on.  Come check out the Live Rock and Roll Shows.  Get on this train....

Jim has retired and we wish him well. 

Today Paul, the Lemongrass bass player and Nick, who started it all, are back as the new Lemongrass duo with an all new unplugged Rock and Roll Show.  Paul has played bass for Lemongrass over the past 7 years and has been on stage for over 35 years.  Combined with Nicks amazing career they represent 75 years of great music and entertainment.  Paul provides a solid foundation for Nicks guitar and vocal using a Fender 5 string precision bass.  They have formed a new musical energy, come hear them, you will see.  See you all further on up the road.


Check out these live tracks recorded at various places over the last few years and hear the unique Lemongrass unplugged Rock and Roll sound.


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