Live Entertainment playing Springsteen, Beatles, Stones, Van Morrison, Pearl Jam, REM and on and on and on.  Come check out the Live Rock and Roll Shows.  Get on this train....

Dirty Jim and Big Nick are the original founding members of the great band Lemongrass that exploded out of the Florida Keys at the Black Swan on New Years Eve, 12/31/95. They also played in Oceanside, California, with some very talented musicians also calling themselves Lemongrass throughout part of 1996 and 1997.

Today, Jim and Nick, who started it all, are back as Lemongrass with an all new unplugged Rock and Roll Show.  See you all further on up the road.


Check out these live tracks recorded at various places over the last few years and hear the unique Lemongrass unplugged Rock and Roll sound.


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